Our Purpose

The purpose of ADRA Malawi is to “Serve humanity so all may live as God intended”

Our Vision

ADRA is a professional, learning, and efficient network that embodies integrity and transparency. ADRA reaches across boundaries, empowering and speaking out for the at-risk and forgotten to achieve measurable, documented, and durable changes in lives and society.

Our Values

The values of ADRA are captured in three key words; Connected, Courageous and Compassionate. These are expounded as follows.

Being connected means:

  • Living the vision and mission of ADRA.
  • Having clear expectations of each other: mutual accountability
  • Transparency through open communication and understanding of our operations.
  • Spiritually engaged and aware.

Being courageous is signified by:

  • Acting with agility; in trusting relationships that allow for delegated decisions on behalf of all.
  • Boldly leading innovative change in a disrupted world.
  • Protecting and advocating for the rights of our beneficiaries, partners, and employees.

Compassion is displayed through:

  • Solidarity with the people and communities we serve through our vision, mission, and identity.
  • Being ‘alongside’ our employees,
  • Genuinely caring for each other.

Our Mission

ADRA works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible actions.

Our Team

"Justice, Compassion and Love."