The Bicycle Ambulance Program (BAP)

through ADRA network (ADRA France for 2014)

To increase access to heath care services in underserved communities in Salima District, Central Region of Malawi

Forty one villages in Salima District in the Central Region of Malawi.

USD27,818 (MK11,961,740)

35,500 beneficiaries.

In most rural areas of Malawi, people do not have adequate access to health care, particularly in times of emergency due to long distances to heath facilities and lack of transport. To help address this challenge, ADRA Malawi has been providing bicycle ambulances to rural communities across the country. Initial funding for this initiative was through ADRA International and ADRA Spain. During 2014 it was a private donor through ADRA France who has donated for this cause.Before handing over the bicycle ambulance to a community a committee is formed and trained to maintain and manage the equipment.

Pictorial Report