Nutrition & Access to Primary Education

(funded by GIZ through GOPA Consultants)

To support the implementation of the Nutrition and School Health National strategic Plan (NSHNSP) & Guidelines and the expansion of the Government operated school meal programme in Malawi.

Twelve primary schools in the following districts in the Southern Region: Balaka, Machinga, Chiradzulu, Mulanje, Phalombe, and Mwanza.

USD59,000 (MK25,370,000)

Communities around the selected schools and the Primary school learners

The Department of School Health and Nutrition (DSHN) under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) in close cooperation with the Nutrition & Access to Primary Education (NAPE) Project is in the process of phasing in Home Grown School Meal initiatives (HGSM) in selected communities of Malawi.
The HGSM initiative aims at communities who are committed to mobilizing their own resources, to develop a sustainable school meal programme for the learners of their school. Associated with the programme is the thinking that the awareness of communities should be raised that it is their responsibility to provide all their children on a regular basis with healthy and nutritious meals.
School meals are believed to encourage children to attend school on a regular basis. Therefore, the HGSM initiative has the strong potential to improve the learning outcomes of primary education and assist in developing children into healthy and productive citizens for the benefit of national development.

Pictorial Report